Mobile Games 2018:

Disruption, Battle Royale and Hyper Casual



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All our plans give you access to global data across 55 countries as standard, ensuring complete market awareness.

priori_icons-01Our easy to use analytics offer a simple, accurate and affordable way to monitor
app intelligence.


Look outside your own business to benchmark keywords, size and ranking - nationally and globally.


Our easy to use analytics offer a simple, accurate, and affordable way to make smarter decisions with your mobile app marketing strategies

Determining market size, trends and activity doesn’t need to be a guessing game; with Priori’s app analytics, you can regularly access app data reports, so its mobile app intelligence is relevant to your app. Priori can give you app data on downloads, revenue, retention, ranking, keywords and usage.

By regularly reviewing your app analytics side by side with the best performing competitors you will have an insight into how you are placed as well as market trends. Priori deliver historical and real time app trends to achieve financial returns from your app marketing campaigns.

Priori Data Market Intelligence is available as part of a monthly subscription, via API, or can be customised as part of a Custom Research Engagement.

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What clients say


Understanding how our apps perform versus the competition is critically important. Thanks to Priori Data, we stay ahead of the competition, keep track of category trends and understand our competitive environment better than ever before.

- Jérémy Blondeau, Vehicle and Mobility Service, Renault-Nissan

We particularly like the ability to look at downloads for any app and to be able to chart those over time, analysing seasonal fluctuations, impact of advertising campaigns and to compare downloads to chart positions. Great value product!

- Jide Sobo, Head of Mobile @ MEC Interaction

I like the “Watchlist” feature. I used it to make a list of all our competitors on iOS and Android, so I can quickly get an overview of their recent download growth. This helps me see who is rising, who is falling and where we rank in comparison.

- Lisa Kennelly, Director of Marketing, CLUE